Buy Cardano (ADA)

How to buy Cardano

How To Buy Cardano (ADA)

We first need to get a few things in order before you can hop in and learn how to buy cardano. If you are new to cryptocurrency you need to know that you can’t just buy a coin or token from a bank account. You need to use a secure online platform to buy bitcoin before you can transfer it to an exchange to buy an altcoin like cardano. By far the easiest way to buy bitcoin is to use coinbase. You will need to sign up and do some verification and then you will be able to buy bitcoin.
Next we need to head over to an exchange which has the coin we are looking for. Register for Binance by clicking the logo or click here. Enter your details. When you click register you will then need to verify your email. (THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE TO BUY IF YOU ARE IN THE UNITED STATES.)
Use Binance to Buy Cardano
2. You will be sent an email and once you have verified your email address, log back into bianace and move your mouse to the top right and hover your mouse over the Funds link in the navigation bar across the top of the page. It will then reveal a drop down menu. Click Deposits Withdrawals.
Step 2: How to buy Cardano - Deposit to Binance Link
3.Inside you will see a list of cryptocurrencies on this page. Scroll down until you find bitcoin BTC and click the Deposit link at the end. Once you have done that this will reveal an address in which you will be receiving bitcoin from your coinbase account. Copy this address to a notepad, we will be using it shortly.
Step 3: How to buy IOTA - Deposit BTC to Binance
4. Now we need to send the amount of Bitcoin to Binance that you want to use to buy cardano. So since we already sign up to Coinbase and Quadriga we can now send Bitcoin to bianance.
5. In order to use Coinbase we will need to send them to the receiving address that we previously  generated on Binance and saved to a notepad. You do this by logging into your coinbase account and going to Accounts and then clicking the Send button under the bitcoin wallet.
How to buy Cardano (ADA) - Send currency to Binance
After you click Send, a dialogue window will pop up and this will ask you to enter an address to send bitcoin to. This is where you will paste the address that we got from Binance and saved to our notepad.This dialogue is also where you will be able to enter the amount of bitcoin you want to send to buy cardano with.

Note: Sending to Binance may take a few hours. So not panic if it is not instant. It could take 12 hours. Especially with all the new traders learning how to buy cardano on Binance.

6. Once your bitcoin has been received by Binance hover over the Exchange link at the top left of the page next to the Binance logo. This will show you a drop down menu. Click Basic
Step 6: How to buy Cardano (ADA) - Start trading on Binance
7. After clicking basic you will be brought to a screen that will look confusing at first. What we need to do next is go to the right handside and click BTC to bring up the BTC trading pairs. Next scroll down the list and look for ADA/BTC.
8.After clicking it you will now be able to see the buying form. Fill this out with the amount of cardano you want to buy and then click the Buy ADA button. You will need to click on the market value number which will be moving up and down on the left hand side in order to lock in your price. You could also use the market tab and buy the amount of Iota at the current market value or you can use the order book to try to buy it lower.

All Done. That might take some time to go through. But now you have a full grasp on how to buy cardano(ADA). If your interested in buying other coins take a look at our other how to guides.